12 Signs that Tell You If Someone Is Evil

Evil people tend to be very clever about hiding their true colors. You may across someone evil but not realize until it gets too late. The following list gives you twelve earning signs to help you figure out if someone is evil or not.

1. They love to be in control

Evil people are more likely to be control freaks who try and make you the dummy for their game. They are most likely to be possessive and will try to interfere in your life until they take control of everything.

2. They lead double lives or sometimes even multiple!

Since these types of people will always lie, you shouldn’t be surprised if the way you see them is completely different to the way others see them. Evil people are masters of changing perceptions and can change the way they present themselves to reach their objective, which usually isn’t good!

3. Time Wasters

Evil people thrive on wasting the time of others, they are happy when you can’t work or study. Watching you fail is their primary goal so watch for the signs of them trying to catch your attention and advise you to miss classes or work.

4. Dark Motives

If someone suddenly stars being nice to you, you might need to take a minute to realise why. Evil individuals will try and control you when you are most vulnerable for their own personal gains.

5. Manipulation

If there’s anything that evil people can do with perfection, then it will definitely be manipulation. It’s something that they do all the time to always stay one step ahead of you.

6. Avoiding responsibilities

Since evil people don’t really have good morals, you will often see them treat others in a bad way. They will do it to even those who are vulnerable like children and the elderly.

7. No remorse

When someone evil does something bad whilst knowing it, they never feel remorse. In fact, they feel happy that they did what they did and will probably do it again without hesitation.

8. Deceitful

Deceit lies in the core of every evil person. They know what to say, how to say it, when to say it and who to say it to in order to achieve their selfish goals while dropping others in big holes of sorrow.

9. They are not realistic

They live a way that makes them not even believe themselves, they will try and convince themselves that what they are doing is right just to feel better.

10. Pathological Liars

Although they lie to others, but they will also lie to their families and even to themselves. As long as they achieve what they want, they will lie through the whole way.

11. They know exactly what they’re saying

They will not only not tell you something that is important and keep it away from you. But even when you find out and question them, they will twist the truth and make you feel guilty for not trusting them.

12. Twisting the truth

Don’t be surprised if an evil person tells you part of a story. They do this so that they purposely withhold other parts, so you believe something that is far from the truth. It’s also a way for them to start rumours, and you’re their toy that they are relying on to do that for them.