Couple Adopts orphan from China- but listen to what the girl says to her mom as the airport as she meets her for the first time

Little six-year-old Lucy is an adorable little orphan living in China who is also diagnosed with Down syndrome.

Fortunately, Lucy was able to come to the United States and find her forever loving home as part of an adoption program with China.

Her adoptive parents, Audrey and Brent shook who had their own five biological children could not wait to meet their cute daughter.

They were waiting patiently and anxiously in the airport in Houston, Texas for their arrival of their 6th child amidst the excitement and overwhelming emotions.

As soon as Audrey caught glimpse of her daughter in the airport, she rushes towards her and is overwhelmed by emotion.

It was at that moment, that little Lucy said something that brought everyone to tears.

Watch this amazing clip of the moment Lucy and Audrey meet, a sensational meeting between a mother and daughter that was luckily caught on camera.

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