Young teen with severe burns refuses to go to prom – then suddenly changes her mind

Korryn Bachner is a fifteen-year-old who suffered severe burns following a gas explosion which left her with third grade burns covering more than 90% of her face.

Being a teenager is already difficult, yet Korryn Bachner had to deal with much worse circumstances than her peers as she battled for her life in hospital for two weeks.

Before this, Korryn was a cheerleader and was one of the “popular” kids in Glendale East High School in Illinois. However, since she was completely wrapped in bandages as a result of her burns, she quickly assumed that she wouldn’t be going to prom that year.

She had two reasons to refuse to go to prom, one that she didn’t want to risk getting infected and perhaps the most important reason was how would she go to prom whilst her face was completely covered with bandages?!

Korryn had no option but to tell her date that she couldn’t go to prom with him. He had to find another girl to go with him. She even told her friends that she wasn’t comfortable going and tried to forget about the whole prom altogether.

On the day or prom, Korryn received a surprising knock on the door.

She opened the door and found that it was all her friends and Jonathan, her date who she cancelled on. Korryn initially thought that they wanted to stop by to show her some photos but to her shock her friends had decorated her whole basement in to a real ballroom

Korryn was able to go to prom!!

Korryn’s mum Ellen was so happy to hear the efforts that her daughter’s friends collectively make Korryn comfortable again. She told People “She has such a great group of friends. There were definitely some tears, but they were happy tears. Jonathan missed his senior prom for her. She has the opportunity to still attend two more, but I don’t know that another prom will ever be as special as this one was”.

Korryn was delighted and posed with her friends. They danced, ate and enjoyed themselves in the decorated basement.

What a wonderful gesture made by Korryn’s friends – a much needed happy moment that she was able to share with her loved ones. We wish Korryn a speedy recovery.

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