The Role of Aunts in the life of Children

It’s not just grandparents who have a significant impact on children, Aunts can also bring a special effect to their nephews and nieces lives by acting like a second mother.

Why are aunts important, you may ask. Here’s a few reasons:

1. Aunts are great teachers, they can help children learn new things in a fun way. Children are more likely to concentrate on what their aunts say as they feel that they are their role models.

2. Aunts give the best presents, no one can spoil a child as much as their aunt does. They buy the best gifts that even sometimes mum and dad don’t approve of.

3. Aunts are great listeners. When children get older, an aunt is a friendly that can offer her nieces and nephews great advice.

4. Aunts are gentle. Kids don’t usually like to be disciplined; however, aunts are much more relaxed and can therefore discipline without getting too angry or being harsh.

5. Aunts are the best baby sitters. Nephews and nieces love spending time doing fun things with their aunt. Even more so that aunts are trustworthy!

Now, I’m going to give you some reasons as to why being an aunt is AMAZING:

1. You can do the fun things with the kids and let the parents deal with boring stuff like bedtimes, bath time and homework.

2. You can watch your nieces and nephew grow from a soft cuddly new-born to someone who you can even rely on.

3. Hugs and cuddles are the next best thing to chocolate, snuggling up with your nieces and nephews is a great bonding time.

4. Buying them gifts is great fun and is always rewarding, especially after they say thank you in their sweet little voices.

5. Nieces and nephews are a good way to have a fun time and remind yourself of when you were younger. It gives you the chance to do childish things without being embarrassed.

Now you know that being an aunt is not just an amazing experience, but is also rewarding for both yourself and your nieces and nephews