Teenage Heroes Rescue Kidnapped Woman as they Overtake The Kidnappers’ Car

17 year old Jamal and 19-year-old Aaron were on the Texas highway overtaking a car when they noticed something strange.

The car that they were overtaking had a young woman in the back seat who seemed uncomfortable and distressed. They tried to make contact with her and she quickly mouthed a secret message to them – “help me”.

Jamal and Aaron were shocked by what they saw, they decided to call the police immediately as they felt that her desperate attempt to get helped was their responsibility.

They called 911 and explained to the operator what they just saw. In the meantime, they carried on following the suspect’s car with all courage.

Jamal and Aaron were online with the emergency operator as they followed the suspicious car for miles. One of them says in the recorded call “Oh my God, I’m hoping the car behind me is a police officer. Nope, it’s not. Oh my God”.

A few minutes later, the police arrived and pulled over the suspicious vehicle. It was as they expected, the 25-year-old woman who was sitting in the backseat was kidnapped by the male driver after making her way home following an office party.

She was relieved and continued to thank the teens “Thank God, you guys are awesome! Oh my God. Oh my God, get him. Oh my God” as the police officers arrested the alleged kidnapper.

The kidnapper was later sentence to prison and the woman was thankfully safe after the observant skills of Aaron and Jamal and their willingness to help the kidnapped woman.

Check out the call made to the policy by Aaron and Jamal below:

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