Scarlet Fever Season, What You Need To Know

Seeing your child sick or drowsy breaks your heart. They are in pain, you feel their pain and you all feel somewhat down. You want them to be back their old selves asap. One of the most common diseases that affects children between 5 and 15 years is Scarlet Fever.

Becoming more common
To notice Scarlet Fever quickly, you need to keep out an eye on the common cold and flu symptoms. However, if your child has other symptoms such as a sore throat, itching or a red rash then you need to seek a doctor immediately.

In the past, Scarlet Fever was much more common; but thanks to the advances in the medical work, it isn’t as threating as it was decades ago.

Increase in Scarlet Fever in 2015

The bacteria that is found in strep throat is the same one that is responsible for Scarlet Fever. Streptococcus releases a toxin that leads children who are prone to contracting these bacteria to also develop Scarlet Fever. If your child develops Scarlet Fever, they will most likely develop a red rash on their face, chest, back and neck which resembles the redness of a sunburn. The areas surrounding the mouth usually don’t have a rash. The rash will start to peel off after approximately a week.

Other symptoms you should know about

Other symptoms of Scarlet Fever include: itching skin, pain in the abdomen, high temperature, a sore throat, swollen neck glands and a flushed face.

Because Scarlet Fever is so contagious, make sure that your child is isolated when they contract it. Keep them away from their siblings or other family members. Also remember to put their toothbrush separately from the rest of their siblings so that you can contain the disease.

Doctors will usually prescribe a ten-day antibiotics course to treat Scarlet Fever. Your child should not attend school until they have no symptoms for at least twenty-four hours. If left untreated, Scarlet Fever can lead to more serious complications which are related to key organs such as the heart and kidneys.

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