The Heart-breaking Story of Victoria Arlen

Victoria was part of a triplet along with two brothers. She was a talented sports girl who enjoyed a happy and energetic life until the unexpected was to happen.

Was it flu?
When Victoria was 11, she began to experience flu like symptoms and even fainted. It was only a matter of two weeks till Victoria became paralysed from the waist down.

She experienced a critical inflammation of the brain which destroyed her health and accordingly her life. Her family watched her health deteriorate by the day as she rapidly lost the ability to move and eat.

But what happened 4 years later was even more shocking.

Deteriorating Health
Losing her ability to walk, move her arms, eat and to even talk, Victoria was becoming worse by the day.

She was fed by a tube in order to stay alive, with her doctors advising her family that she was in a vegetative state. Her mother Jaqueline even said, “we lost her”.

Trapped in a coma, Victoria was still able to hear her family. She heard their conversations and chatter as they visited her.

Doctor’s Diagnosis
Doctors were finally able to diagnose her unusual disease that led to the inflammation of her brain and spinal cord, but they were wrong.

They told her family that she as brain dead, she heard them say it and as much as she wanted to speak and let them know she was still there, she wasn’t able to.

Luckily, Victoria’s parents believed in her and set up a hospital room in their home to take care of her. Although they thought she couldn’t hear them, she could and that was perhaps the way she strengthened herself.

Remarkably, in 2009, Victoria started to make eye contact and she gradually and steadily began to come back to life. From moving her finger, waving her hands to speaking full sentences.

Victoria was making impressive progress and started to use her phone and social media, it was as though she was coming back to live again.

However, despite the progress, she was still not able to mover her legs and was to stay paralysed from her waist down for the rest of her life.

Hate for Using a Wheelchair Because of her being paralysed and not able to move her legs, Victoria had no alternative but to spend the rest of her life in a wheelchair.

Bullied at her first day of high school, she returned in the verge of tears. It was that very day that her parents vowed that they would do everything in their power to give Victoria her confidence back.

An Avid Swimmer
Long before her health ordeal, Victoria was an impressive swimmer and that was exactly what brought her confidence back.

Although she was paralysed from the waist down, she was still able to remain a strong swimmer.

It gets even better, in the summer of 2012, Victoria participated in the US Paralympic Olympic games and took home three silver medals and one gold. She also set a new world record in 100-meter freestyle.

Victoria also began to walk after using walking braces and a slow and steady improvement led her to get back on her feet. It was as though nothing had happened!

A Paralympic medallist
Following 10 years of her health ordeal, Victoria is now a new and strong woman. She is a Paralympic gold medallist and also a program leader for the ESPN sports channel.

What a positive story about a sad beginning but an incredible end! We wish Victoria the best of luck! Share this with your friends and family