Why you should be worried if you see a plastic bottle on your car tire?!

The public has been warned by the police about a devious and shifty trick used by criminal to steal their valuables from their cars, or sometimes even the whole car itself!

It’s a pretty simple idea that they use, the thieves generally target vehicles in car parks. They simply put the plastic bottle on the tire and wait for the driver to switch the car on and drive.

At that point, the drivers hear a loud pop sound and naturally quickly gets out of the car to investigate the noise. With the driver out of the car, the thieves seize this opportunity to access the unlocked car and grab any valuables such as phone, cash and bags.

What’s more concerning is that since the key would most likely be left in the ignition then they can even take off with the car!

The following viral Youtube video with over 6 million views shows a man demonstrating how thieves apply this sneaky plan and asks everyone to share this information with others to prevent this risk.


With such a sneaky and simple way of doing this, it makes you wonder how thieves might be able to steal your car and belongings in a matter of minutes – if this article helped you then share it with your friends so they are also aware!