A promise between an 83 year old veteran in Vietnam that lasted 5 decades

On the night of New Year’s Eve in 1968, two marines were chatting away in. a bunker in the Marble Mountains of Vietnam. They were under attach and had mortar shells flying through the air. A shocking fear embedded them.

A Lasting Promise

It was at that moment that they promised one another that if they survived then they would contact each other every New Year’s Eve for the rest of their lives. And sure enough, Master Sgt. William Cox and First Sgt. James Hollingsworth did survive the Vietnam war. They continued to serve in the marines for another two decades.

Both veterans kept their crucial promise and continued to talk to each other every New Year’s Eve for the next 50 years. They never forgot about their promise, they believed that a promise is a promise and should always be kept.

The Final Meeting

Sgt Hollingsworth unfortunately contracted a terminal disease and was visited by his fellow mariner for the last time. He told him that his last request was for him to his eulogy.

Although Sgt Cox was hesitant and emotional, he accepting his friends request and that was the last promise they made each other.

On October 20, 2017, Sgt Cox dressed in his full marine uniform and kept his promise as he delivered a heartfelt eulogy. He concluded his eulogy with “Hollie, you keep ’em flying, and I’ll keep ’em firing.”

What a fantastic story about the lasting promise – a friendship and promise that lasted over fice decades – Please share this story of both these heroes to honour their incredible promise and commitment.