10 Common Insect Stings You Should Know About

Let’s admit it, we’ve all been stung by some sort of insect in our lives. Perhaps this time of the year is the most common. All that sun and clothing that exposes more skin makes all them love bugs come out.

Perhaps the most worrying thing is that some of the insect bites can become rather serious. They can cause severe redness, itching, skin damage and swelling. Although the majority of insect bites are not so serious, there are others that make it up for the rest!

We’ve got you all sorted this summer and have given you a short guide of all those insects that can cause you bother….


Bees are probably the most obvious, you can hear them for a mile, and their noise isn’t as bad as their sting. After being stung by a bee, your skin may feel very swollen and appear to be red. It’s advised you cool the area. The best way to prevent the poison from the bee sting to work its way up your body is to scrape it away.


The king of summer stings are definitely wasps. Similar to a bee sting, they cause swelling and redness; however, unlike bees, wasps do not just sting once but can sting several times. That’s why you should make sure you are not allergic to them, because it can get pretty painful!


Hornet stings cause swelling and blistering, using a cold compress can ease the pain. In more serious cases, the stings of hornets can lead to allergic reactions. You are advise to seem immediate medical attention if your stomach starts to feel numb or cold or your lips turn blue.


Tick bites are often unnoticed, although a small red patch can appear. This is only a few centimetres wide and can have a small lump in the middle which the tick was feeding from.


Ants are not usually harmful. The exception are red ants because the have very painful bites which can even cause scarring. Some ant poisons can cause allergic reation which is rare cases can even cause anaphylactic shocks. However, most symptoms are much more mild and tend to be pink spots on the skin which can be rather itchy.


Flea bites are usually difficult to diagnose alone because they are usually mistaken for mosquito bites. However, they can be extremely itchy and painful. Fleas often target people who are asleep and tend to bite a few times at once leaving a 1 to 2 cm between each patch.


Mosquito bites often look like red swollen spots which are the size of a small grape. They tend to prefer thin skin since its easier for them to access the blood vessels. When mosquitos are feeding, they release their saliva into the wound which causes numbness so you often don’t realise during the act.


Bedbug bites are very similar to those of mosquitos although they have a zig zag pattern. They cause the usual pain, redness, swelling but also can even cause puss to form. It is nearly impossible for you to get rid of bedbugs alone, and it is advised you contact a professional extermination company to end this issue once and for all.

Horse- Fly

If you’ve been unfortunate to have got stung by a horse fly, then you’ll know that it’s something that you would never want to happen again. Some of the rare cases can even lead to infections and blood poisoning. Their bite is painful and hard, that’s why its advised to apply ice to the infected area.


If you even notice small red dots on your scalp, then it might mean that you have lice. One of the obvious symptoms of lice are itching due to their small bites. To check whether you have lice, run a lice comb through your hair then check to see if anything comes out. Lice have translucent bodies and are generally less than half a centimetre long.

Bear in mind that your friends and family might want to know the difference between the stings and bites of different insects, don’t forget to share, after all an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.