Thousands Of Americans Are Hurting Themselves By Using Wire-Bristle Brushes

Did you know that wire-bristle brushes can be actually very dangerous for your health? Bristles can quickly fall off and make their way into your food, and you don´t want that to happen… These little strands of metal can cause some severe injuries to the mouth, throat, and gastrointestinal region.

Two years ago, a six-year-old boy was hospitalized after a loose bristle got stuck on his grilled hamburger and got lodged in this throat.
After the incident, the story went viral, raising awareness about the potential dangers of wire bristle brushes.

Accidents can happen even if you are careful, according to a 2016 study by the University Of Missouri School Of Medicine, around 1700 injuries from bristle BBQ brushes were reported in the U.S emergency rooms since 2002.
The metal bristles on the brush become loose after being used several times. And when this happens, a loose bristle can easily get stuck on the grill during cleaning, and when you put raw meat on the grill, bristles are so thin that they can stick to your food.

Always check your food before eating, it may be tainted with wire bristles from this grill-cleaning brushes! To avoid such danger, you must inspect the brush before you use it, if you see worn down bristles, you should replace it immediately, better prevent than cure.

Here are some tips to avoid wire-bristle brush accidents:

  • Before cleaning your grill, check the utensil is in good condition; do not hesitate and throw it away if there are any loose bristles.
  • Use alternative cleaning methods; there are many, such as nylon-bristle brushes, pumice –stone or a coil-shaped bristle-free brush among others, there are many options out there.
  • Check the grates of your grill before cooking food

Check your grilled food after cooking to make sure there are no loose bristles stuck to it.

So the next time you are enjoying a meal with your family and friends, take all this information into account. Check your wire bristle brush before using and avoid potential problems.

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