Study Shows That Husbands Stress Their Wives Twice Much As Children

Most women nowadays have a very busy schedule, especially if they have children if they have to go to work every day and then go back home to cook, clean and spend quality time with their kids. Sometimes even if they have a husband, things don´t get easier for them, al the opposite, they have to parent their hubby too…

When this happens, husbands cause more stress! Instead of actually helping with the household chores, they cause as much stress as children. The woman has many roles; she is a mom, a cook, a cleaner, a teacher, a chauffeur, a problem solver and what not.

A survey conducted by which included more than 7,000 mothers showed that the average mother has a stress level of 8.5 out of 10. The surprising part? Out of these women, 46% of them said that their partner actually caused more stress than their kids did.

According to the survey, three out of every four mothers stated that they are responsible for most of the household and parenting duties. A very important issue for one out of five mothers was the fact that they do not receive any help from their partner and taking this into account, it gets very difficult for them to get all things done at the end of the day, one day is not enough!

Families are supposed to work as a team, if you don´t receive any help from your significant other, everyday life can get very stressing and tiring. This is a problem that can affect the couple and can bring a lot of health problems in the long run.

But there are ways to fix this problem; couples need to improve communication and organization.  Talk to your partner, make a list of all the duties, your schedules and split up the responsibility, but most important stick to the plan, be consistent.

It can happen that wives take on most responsibilities on purpose because they believe they are better at doing certain things and because sometimes they don´t trust their partner to do them or to do them the right way. If this is your case, give your partner the chance to help you, if necessary teach him a couple of tricks to get things done quicker or more efficiently.

A strong partnership is very important if you want to live a healthy, happy life with your family, what do you think about this?