American Hunter Sparks Backlash After Posting Photos With A Dead Rare Black Giraffe

Trophy haunting is haunting of wild game for human recreation, or in other words, haunting innocent animals just for fun. And why is it a trophy? The trophy is the animal or part of the animal kept, the corpse of the animal is displayed for everyone to see, to represent the success of the haunt as if the person posing next to it was superior or something.

Unfortunately, trophy hunting is a common practice, it is estimated that 20.000 endangered animals are killed each year for recreational purposes.

Generally, hunters go for big intimidating animals such as black bears, mountain zebras, leopards, lions, African elephants and more.

Recently an American woman, Tess Thompson Talley was called out by Twitter account AfricaDigest after she posted pictures of a black giraffe she haunted in South Africa. The picture shows a rare black giraffe and the woman posing next to it, next to her trophy…

“White American savage who is partly a neanderthal comes to Africa and shoot down a very rare black giraffe courtesy of South Africa stupidity. Her name is Tess Thompson Talley. Please share

“If our so-called governments can’t care for our wildlife then it´s time we stand up and responsibility of our continent, lands, resources, and wildlife….share share share! And let´s have a united voice against pillage of Africa, it’s the only home we have.”

As expected the post was retweeted more than 30.000 times, with most people condemning the act and calling out South Africa for not protecting animals well enough.

On the other hand, there were people who said that if it was legal, the woman had the right to kill the animal…

“We allow and indeed encourage hunting as an important tourist activity,” someone wrote on Twitter.

It is hard to believe that killing endangered animals is legal, the fact that the South African government allows these tourists to go to their country to hunt wildlife is outrageous, it is all about money, it is always about money.

Tess Thompson Talley is only one of the many hunters who like to kill endangered animals for fun. A few years ago, another American hunter from Idaho posted pictures of herself with the corpses of several dead animals such as a black giraffe, a warthog, a kudu, and an impala among others.

“I got an amazing old Giraffe. Such an amazing (sic) animal!! I couldn’t be any happier!!” Sabrina Corgatelli's Facebook photo caption said. “My emotion after getting him was a feeling I will never forget!”

Fortunately, trophy hunting has come under serious fire from activists recently, and a number of countries have taken steps against it as a result. Brazil, India, Kenya and Botswana among others have banned the sport altogether, while Australia, France and the Netherlands have banned the importation of trophies of lions.

These murderers shouldn´t get away with this horrible practice, this needs to stop now, what are your thoughts on this?