Pope Francis kisses baby on the head – 2 months later parents witness miracle

Miracles can happen, people can recover from a long illness, some wake up after being in a coma for years, and others survive horrible car accidents and what happened to a baby girl called Gianna Masciantonio can certainly be considered a miracle!

Gianna was born with a rare blood disease that led to a tumor in her brain. The tumor was technically though to be benign, but its location on the little girl´s brain stem is what made it extremely dangerous. Doctors feared it would grow to impact Gianna´s hearbeat. There was no hope for the little girl, all her parents could do was pray…

On September 26, 2015 Pope Francis would be making an appearance at a parade in Philadelphia.  The family was given a call from a friend that works at the FBI, he was going to be helping with the Pope’s security that day and instructed them to go downtown because maybe they would have the chance to see the pope.

At that time, it was Gianna’s last chemo and her parents decided to take her to the event. There were a lot of people there, all of them waiting for the Pope as well. The family headed to an area where the pope was expected to pass through.  Once Gianna´s father saw Pope Francis approaching them, he held Gianna up high to call the security guards attention. One of them saw the little girl and took her to the pope.

The pope gave her a kiss in the head! They couldn´t believe it, their little girl had received God´s blessing and they took it as a sign that everything was going to be ok.

“We just thought we’d see him drive by. We never thought in a million years that he would bless our daughter” Joe said.

“Pope Francis kissing her was my miracle, [it] was the way of God telling me he was with us,”Kristen explained.

Time went by, Gianna still had to undergo a few surgeries, and doctors told the family that Gianna was not going to live past her first birthday… but one year later, Kristen and Joe received a phone call that changed their life.

Scans showed that Gianna´s tumor had shrunk significantly, allowing her to begin with her recovery and to start living a normal life! Doctors don´t have an explanation for this…

“You can’t really see the tumor. In all of the scans, it’s just a blur” Kristen said.

Joe and Kristen firmly believe that the kiss that Gianna received from Pope Francis was truly a blessing. What do you think? Was this God´s work?