Tears pour down 4 year old’s face as she rushes out of McDonalds bathroom – then mom sees something on her leg

Nicole Langmead and her 4-year old daughter Kaya from the UK were enjoying a meal at a local McDonald’s. When the little girl asked her mother if she could go to the toilet by herself like a “big girl”, the woman said yes, nonetheless she joined her daughter and waited outside.

They waited for a long time and before it was Kaya´s turn, two teenage girls left the bathroom laughing but Nicole didn´t pay attention to them…

A moment later the little girl came out of the toilet crying… It turned out that the teenagers that were using the bathroom before her had poured superglue on the disabled/children’s toilet seat!

Nicole said“A short while later she came out in tears and told me that she had become stuck to the seat.”

Since Kaya had become stuck to the toilet seat, the skin was ripped from the back of her legs, she was in pain and didn´t understand what had happened. How could anyone do that to her?

The staff at McDonald´s was very attentive and helpful; they gave Kaya a balloon and comforted her. They decided to call the police in order to find the girls responsible for doing such a terrible thing.

When the two girls responsible for leaving Kaya with “red raw” skin were found, they assumed responsibility and apologized:

“The two girls immediately accepted what they had done, were sorry and have apologized to the victim’s mother for the upset caused to her and her daughter” said a spokesperson for the police.

It is unbelievable that things like this can happen, it really makes no sense.  You never what you can find in a public restroom! Be careful and share this story with your friends!

Please help us share Nicole’s warning so that no further children are affected by this kind of terrible situation!