People Beware This Morning Around 1:30 Am There Was A Frantic Screaming Woman Beating Down My Front Door..

This horrid and life-threatening scam is making its way across the UK/USA.

do not allow your family and friends to fall victim to it..share this article with them!

this is what someone had to say who almost fell for the scam:

People beware this morning around 1:30 am there was a frantic screaming woman beating down my front door stating that someone was chasing her. i never opened the door but i told her that i would call the police and get her some help she told me not to call the police and she left. but being a retired police investigator and her not wanting me to call the police that something was wrong with her story! but from experience and past crimes that I have investigated that this is a classic play right out of the thug play book——- get a frantic crying woman to beat the door down sometime overnight and when you open the door to help her there will be 3 or 4 thugs there to force their way in your house and commit a home invasion, to rob you or injure or kill you.

i did not open the door but called the police they arrived shortly after and checked the neighborhood but did not find the frantic crying female anywhere so it sounds like she was probably riding with a carload of thugs!!! never open your door after dark unless you know for sure who is knocking!!!!!

do not allow your loved ones to fall victim.

people being tired and confused in the early hours of the morning may open the door to their home…if they know about this article then they may be able to think twice!

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