Folding A Fitted Sheet Has Never Been Easier! Check Out This Super Simple & Fast Technique

Folding a fitted sheet can be very frustrating, but sometimes you really need to keep your linen tidy and folded appropriately because there is not enough space in the closet. Say goodbye to wrinkled sheets with this very simple technique! It will take you less than 1 minute to do and it is very easy to put it into practice.

This video has been seen by millions of people because the trick is awesome, simple and it truly saves time and doubles the space in the storage closet, check it out step by step:

First, hold the sheet length-wise by both corners with the right side towards your body.

Then, place first corner over second corner…

After that, slide down to the third corner, tuck it into the two corners that you just lined up.


Then, slide your hand down to smooth out the sheet and repeat with the last corner.


Lastly, with the four corners lined up, lay the sheet on a flat surface, like a table. Smooth out the sheet and fold it into thirds.

Then fold it into thirds again and you are done! Easy huh?

Clever, hey? Please share this tip with your friends and family so they can get start folding fitted sheets the correct way.