Pregnant texas mom thinks she is having twins: doctors discover serious danger when taking scan

As many women Lauren´s dream was to become a mother, she spent one whole year trying to get pregnant but it was very difficult. While there are many treatments and options that help to solve that problem nowadays, Lauren and her husband decided to take a trip to think things over and decide what to do. They went to Nicaragua and had a great time, but it was also a time for Laura to express herself and to open her heart out. She felt she could talk with a friend priest about her struggles and fears and he said “Someone up there has big plans for you. I don’t know what, but it will be big.”Lauren soon realized those words really meant something. After some time they decided they wanted to try out artificial insemination.Fortunately the treatment worked and Lauren got the news that she was pregnant! She was told that her HCG levels were very high in the first routine check and this meant that there was a strong possibility there was more than one child inside her womb.They were very happy, instead of one, two or three were coming, it was a dream come true. After the ultrasound they received some shocking news…The doctor said: “Wait a minute! I just found a sixth baby.”The both were astonished, they couldn´t believe what the doctor was saying! They were excited, happy and concerned at the same time, the chances of having all six babies to survive were low and there could also be a number of dangerous complications. Doctors said they were going to do their best to deliver all six babies safely; the hospital was prepared for the challenge. Lauren was in week 30 of her pregnancy…In the delivery ward, there was a total of 35 people from the hospital working.  “I was nervous and excited all at once.  It was starting to sink in that this was for real – I was going to have 6 babies,” Lauren said.
Andrew, Benjamin, Caroline, Leah, Allison, and Levi all weighed between 1 and 2 pounds at birth. Lauren said: “I didn’t expect to see my babies until the next day, but each baby’s team rolled them by me one by one on their way up to the NICU, and I got to touch their little fingers.” “And that moment, when I got to hold my baby, was when I became a mother…of sextuplets,” Lauren explained.
The first few weeks were very important; there could be a lot of complications that could lead to disabilities or even death.At four months old, five of the babies were able to go home. Leah was the one who stayed at the hospital for some more weeks, she was the smallest and had struggled inside the womb: “She was literally buried under everybody else in the womb,” said Lauren, “so she didn’t get the right nutritional flow. Her brain was not fully developed.”
Though with Leah things have been more difficult, she started school together with her brothers and sisters, they are all 6 years old now!They have received a lot of help from friends, family and even strangers who heard about their story and offered their support. They are a big happy family!
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