Mom Created The Most Emotional Video For Son She Placed For Adoption

We always have to make decisions in life, we actually make decisions on a daily basis, some may be trivial but there are some very difficult decisions that you have to make in order to do the right thing in life.

Hanna Mongie had to make a very hard decision that changed her life. Hanna discovered she was pregnant after she graduated from high school. She had a boyfriend, his name was Kaden and they had a very good relationship. Sadly in September of 2015, Kaden died unexpectedly while he was sleeping. Some days before his death he got the chance to hear his baby´s heartbeat in the womb.
She was a teenager when she got pregnant; they were both very young but they were in love so initially they decided to have the baby. However, when Kaden died, Hanna started to think that maybe it was best to give the baby up for adoption.

The little baby, whom she named Taggart Kaden Marsh, was born in March 2016, Hanna made the very difficult decision to place her son with his adoptive parents and she had just two days to spend one-on-one with her newborn baby.

Hanna made a very emotional video for Tagg so he could watch it someday and he would know why he was placed for adoption.
“I made this video so that you know how much I love you,” Hannah said tearfully.
Hannah also shared with her son how his daddy felt about him “He loved you from the very, very beginning, and from then on he couldn’t be happier. And he was hoping for a boy so that he could teach him baseball and sports and stuff,” Hannah continued.

She also told him about his father´s death: “Two days after he heard your heartbeat, his heart stopped. “From the day your daddy died, I had a hard time even considering placing you even with a different family, when you were my last piece of Kaden. But one day I woke up and I just knew you were supposed to be with someone else, so I went and searched for families.”
While she was pregnant Hanna found the perfect parents for Tagg, she met them in person. She really liked them, they got along very well and became friends. She had the feeling that they were the ones. She chose them to raise her baby boy.

“We’ve been getting really, really excited together for you to be in her home,” Hannah said choking back tears, “And I helped her put a nursery together for you.”
“Before I sign you off to Brad and Emily… and you’re going to be their little boy… and I just want you to know that I really, really love you so much. More than I’ve ever loved any other human in the whole world. I made this decision purely out of love because I knew I couldn’t give you what I knew you needed which is a mommy and a daddy.
And I hope your daddy’s watching over us right now.”

Hanna´s tender video was shared a thousand times, her words are heartbreaking!

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