8 Manners You Should Teach Your Kids


Times have changed, all those values and manners that were taught in the past are now forgotten. It is difficult to really say why this has happened, but it seems that people are more rude, less educated and basically no one cares.

Here there are 8 manners that you may have been learned as a child, but don´t see in nowadays world:

  1. Courtesy

Being educated and friendly with people anywhere you go is very important but is not very common these days. People tend to judge or don´t trust each other. Saying “Please” and “thank you” seems like a hard thing to do.

  1. Clean Appearance

It doesn´t matter if you are going to pick up some groceries nearby, you should always at least put your shoes on and look tidy. People wear pajamas, dirty clothes or the first thing they find. They go out to the street without shame. Nobody cares about the way you look.

  1. Good Posture

Sitting or standing correctly shows that you actually care about what somebody is telling you at work, it is a way to show interest and to look confident. Back in the day it was common for parents and grandparents to correct children posture, but now is not very important anymore.

  1. Handwritten messages

Letters are nonexistent these days, no one writes a letter or a note to say thank you or I love you. All messages are sent electronically, through a screen.

  1. Table Manners

There are some basic table manners everyone should follow. Whether you're headed to a date, a dinner party, or sitting down at your dining room table for a holiday dinner, there's always a place for manners.  People now have their cellphones on the dining table; they send texts, check out Instagram and what not.

  1. Show Respect to older people

Something that is rarely seen these days, standing when an older person enters the room is a sign of respect. Nowadays people don´t even look at you when you enter a room, whatever your age is, they are all looking at their phone.

  1. Sitting Like A Lady

This one is for women, there are still some moms that tell their daughters to cross their legs when sitting, it is more ladylike. Back in the day women weren´t allowed to sit and relax in front of people. Women had to keep an excellent posture, nowadays no one really cares.

  1. Not Using Hats Indoors

Anytime a man walks into a room and he is wearing a hat, he should take it off, it is basic manners! Well let me tell you that not all people use common sense, you will see plenty of men who will not take off their hat simply because it is cool.

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