Couple lose newborn baby in hospital – 4 days later, they get a call from a nurse that changes everything

Like any other young couple Katie and Josh Butler wanted to have a family. They met in 2012, got married in 2014 and soon they found out they were pregnant with a boy! They were very happy and prepared to be parents for the first time, they were to name their little boy Dewey.
They day came when Katy had to go for an ultrasound at 20 weeks and they received some bad news. The doctors discovered there was something wrong, they couldn´t tell exactly what was going on but there was definitely something´s wrong with Dewey.

After some time the doctors announced that the baby had a rare genetic disorder and that he was not going to be able to breathe or eat properly.
The day Dewey was born he was rushed to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, his life was at risk and his parents very worried and scared. Unfortunately Dewey´s heart wasn´t strong enough and he couldn´t survive surgery, he passed away after fighting for his life for 132 days.

Katie and Josh were heartbroken and devastated because they really thought their little boy was going to survive…
“I found a bucket list of Josh’s that said he wanted 13 kids,” Katie said. “We talked about having two of our own and then adopting two more.”
After almost two months Katie received a phone call from a nurse at the hospital:

“She told me that it might be too soon for us – it wasn’t even two months since Dewey’s death – but there was a baby that was ready to be discharged from the hospital. She didn’t know the details but she knew that he needed a family.”

Katie talked with her husband about it and they went to the hospital to meet the little boy. His name was Brax and he was on a ventilator, he had some health problems but doctors were optimistic. Brax´s biological mother made a very tough decision, she recognized she couldn´t provide the care that he needed and realized someone else had to take of her child.
It was a blessing, they lost a child and now they had the chance to be the parents of a child that needed lots of love and attention.

There have been a lot of emotions,” Katie said. “Our highs are really high and sometimes, we just get sad. I just cry. I had to start singing worship songs to get me to focus on the bigger picture: God is in control, Dewey is healed, Brax has a second family, and there is so much to rejoice about.”

Brax is doing better now and he has a mom and a dad who will love him forever. Life is unfair but in this case, Katie and Josh got a second chance and they gave Brax the chance to have a loving family as well!