Study Shows The More Time You Spend With Your Mom, The Longer She’ll Live


Have You Called Your Mom Lately? After Reading This You´ll Want To Pick Up Phone

Everyone wants to live a long, healthy life; I mean what´s better than that? And what if the key to live a long healthy life is simply being around other people, like your family and friends?

It is demonstrated that loneliness can actually be very bad for your overall health. In the case of elderly people it can be even worse, loneliness is an important factor in the overall decline of the quality of life, so if you haven´t called or visited your mom in a long time, now it would be a good time to do it.

There is nothing wrong with living alone, there are many positive things about it and there´s surely nothing wrong with enjoying solitude. Sometimes we even need to be alone, but being lonely is a whole different matter, not only does it feel terrible, it can also harm your health!

According to thisstudy, loneliness can cause a variety of diseases we may not be aware of and can really affect the quality of life:

– It raises the levels of circulating stress hormones and levels of blood pressure. It destroys the quality and efficiency of sleep, so that it is less restorative, both physically and psychologically.

-It can cause stress, which your body interprets as danger. As a response, it releases a hormone called cortisol. Chronically elevated cortisol can be bad for your cardiovascular and immune system contributing to heart disease, diabetes, cancer and more.

-It can cause chronic inflammation, which refers to a systematic release of blood proteins that prepare the immune system to deal with danger or an injury. As with cortisol, loneliness related stress can cause inflammation to become chronic and it can lead to variety of diseases.

-Being lonely means not feeling connected or cared for, it´s not about being physically alone and nowadays there are many older adults who are lonely. The study looked at 1,600 adults with an average age of 71 years old. Researchers found that 23% of participants who reported being lonely died within six years of the study, while only 14% of those who reported having companionship died during the same six year period.

Affectionate Granddaughter and Grandparents Playing Outside At The Park.

We are social animals, we are built for social contact, so don´t hesitate and pay a visit to your mom or dad, talk to them, share anecdotes, spend time and enjoy that time, they will be forever grateful for that! Make them laugh, laughter is the best medicine and can be the best antidote to cure a bad day

As we grow older it can be easy to get caught up in our own lives, especially nowadays, sometimes we forget to make time for those who truly matter and we forget about simple things and moments. But the truth is that not everyone will be around forever, so make the most of the time you have!