A pregnant woman was shamed for her looks. But her response? Priceless.

If you were blessed with youthful looks, then you understand the everyday struggle. You’re a fully-fledged adult on the inside but a pint-sized teeny-bopper on the outside.

Sometimes looking young can be a curse rather than a blessing.

Have you ever, as an adult, answered the door to your home to a salesman asking if he could please speak with your mother?

For the baby-faced, it can be quite embarrassing to be mistaken for a child of nearly half your age.

In the following passage from Not Always Right, one woman with the curse of youthful looks sets the story straight.

Read her story below.

I’m 26 but quite petite, so I often get mistaken for being a lot younger. I’m also married and seven months pregnant. I’m at a higher end department store trying on dresses.

I’m just leaving the changing room with a very helpful salesgirl. The next person goes in leaving a customer and her teen daughter next in line.

Customer: *in a stage whisper* “See! That’s why you keep your legs closed at school. So you don’t end up buying your prom dress looking like that.”

(Her daughter goes red as several other customers stare in disbelief.)

Daughter: “For God’s sake, mom! Shut up!”

Me: “Oh, no, your mom’s right. That’s exactly what my mom told me. When I was 16. 10 years ago.”

(The customer reddens as her daughter glares at her.)

Me: “So what I did was, I studied hard at school, went to university, and got a degree. I started my own business, bought a car, and then a house. I met my partner, dated for a couple of years, then got married. Now that we’re financially comfortable we’re having a baby. I’m not saying that’s for everyone, but you don’t want to wake up one day to find you’re 50, miserable, bigoted, and rude.”

Customer: *very embarrassed by everyone’s stares* “I’m only 42!”

Me: “I’m sure that’s what your daughter will remember about today.”

What a come-back!

It’s never right to judge another, especially when you don’t have all the information.

Instead of teaching her daughter a valuable lesson, the mother in our story only caused herself utter embarrassment when the truth was revealed.

Never take appearances to heart, because what our eyes see is only a mask. Reality is hidden and is revealed to only those with the patience to uncover it.

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