Man’s College Buddy Stuns His Wife When He Says This At Dinner

Often times, our lives cross paths in the most peculiar ways. Like starting a new job and finding out your childhood best friend is co-worker; or crossing paths with your college professor at a rock concert. But this story about a woman, and her husband’s friend, is one of the most unique examples of a “small world.”

Reddit user ‘Banana_Stand_Money’posted the following story.

When my mom was in the 3rd grade she was on her way to gym class when the double doors slammed shut from the wind outside and chopped off the tip of her pointer finger. She started crying immediately and the teacher and coach ran over to comfort her. The teacher took her to see the nurse but the coach noticed before she left that a huge chunk of the finger was missing from the end of my moms finger. The coach told all the boys in the class to get down on their hands and knees and look for the piece of severed finger. One little boy found it and they were able to get it to the nurse. Two doctors visits later, they were able to sew it back on and my mom had a functioning finger with a faded scar.

Fast forward a dozen years or so and my dad was in college and pledged a fraternity. His roommate and pledge brother became fast friends and are still friends to this day. My dad met my mom after college and got married. Several years past and my dad had lost touch with his pledge brother from college but one night our family and his family were out to dinner at the same restaurant. We decided to sit together at one big table and my dad was obviously having a good time reminiscing about the old days. My mom then asked the friend where he was from and they found out they were from the same neighborhood. After a short pause his eyes lit up. He then said “oh my God! I found your finger in the third grade!”

Meeting your spouse’s college friend is usually great fun. Discovering it was the same person who found your lost finger? Absolutely priceless.