Pregnant Young Mom Dies in Tragic Car Crash With Her Son

Sometimes, we think little of our actions and how they could affect our lives. We keep preparing for our future when we should be prioritizing now. Tomorrow would not be what it is without today. Some people say that we are the only one to be blamed for how our lives will turn out. But what if we are where we are now because of someone else's fault entirely? Read on to know the story of the tragic car crash involving a mom and her sons.

One afternoon in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Valery Arreola-Rodriguez, a pregnant mom aged 21, was about to meet up with her family for dinner on a cold Sunday evening in early January. She brought her two sons with her named Max, who is five years old, and Guillermo, who is three. Valery was also expecting another baby that was already eight months in her womb. She already named him Emilio and was due to give birth in February.
Valery was driving her black Nissan Altima and was on a highway when it stalled while she was in Franklin Street at around two in the afternoon.
Initially, this scared Valery, and she decided to call her dad to ask for help. She told him that she was frightened. Her dad reassured her that they were on their way to pick them up. Not long after the conversation, Valery’s father heard a loud crash—screeching sounds of wheels then nothing.

While Valery’s car was stalled in a highway, waiting for her dad to rescue them, a pick-up truck slammed into the back of her vehicle causing them injuries and unfortunately, death. The tragic car crash was too strong that it destroyed not just the supposedly pleasant dinner of a simple family, but the family itself completely.
As if that was not devastating enough, Martin Junglas, a motorist who was the first one to see the tragic car crash, told the story of Valery’s last moment with her sons. Right after the collision, Martin was present in the area of the tragic car crash and ran for Valery and her sons’ lives. He immediately checked the driver’s seat to see a breathless Valery trying to get words out of her mouth. She spent her remaining breath asking if her sons were okay.

Junglas stated that Valery’s son, Max, was already safe and out of the now-destroyed-car that was beaten by the tragic car crash. However, the younger Guillermo got his legs trapped in the wreckage. Junglas managed to breathe air into Guillermo, who they also called Memo, as they were rescued. He also felt dumbfounded and got nothing but admiration for Valery. He explained how Valery did not care about her current state. She only cared about her children and that is what we call the eternal love of a mother.

After the doctors did their best to save both Valery and Emilio, who was supposed to be born next month, both the mother and the child in her womb did not make it. The family prayed so hard as the professionals did their job but after two hours, the two died in Spectrum Health Butterworth Hospital due to the complications brought by the tragic car crash.
According to Nohemi Arreola, one of Valery’s sisters, the doctors were able to deliver Emilio, and the family was able to see the little angel. She had this look of both joy and pain in her eyes when she said how her nephew was wrapped in a blanket and looking so beautiful and at peace.

Meanwhile, Memo was transferred to Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital. He had to undergo two surgeries. The three-year-old kid suffered from internal bleeding, a fractured skull, and broken bones due to the tragic car crash. The little boy’s body was not built for it. He died soon after her mother. They were indeed at peace.
Nohemi also braved her tears as she told the story of Valery to the media. She has nothing but love and praise for her sister. She also mentioned that she appreciated Valery and her hard work to raise her sons. Valery worked in an insurance company and also had other jobs to provide for her children. Nohemi said that Valery always worked to give everything that her children need, but she also made sure to still make time for them.

The family was staying strong for Max, who thankfully, survived the tragic car crash. Miracles do work in the most unexpected situations. Still, they are also worried about their father who was the last person to talk to Valery. He was utterly shattered. Nohemi confessed that it was the first time she saw her father broke down like that. We could only imagine what he was feeling. To be on the other end of the accident, where you could hear it but could not do anything about it is traumatizing.

This scenario is that kind of wound that will leave us scarred forever, but we must believe in healing. We must hope that one day, we can make peace with the heartaches and accept the fact that these things happen for a reason and we should still keep going for ourselves and the people who were left behind with us.

Accidents are tragic. Monty Parker, the 35-year old driver of the pick-up truck, was also rushed to the Mercy Health Saint Mary’s Hospital. He was charged with fines amounting to $2,000 and a year in jail.
Accidents like this tragic car crash are called accidents for a reason. We will never know when they will occur. Though one thing is for sure, they are served to teach us a lesson. How cruel is it to learn life the hard way, right? But, we should be extra careful to avoid these things. The laws are there for us to abide. Our community is here to help each other grow and not suffer and die. Let us be more mindful citizens and make this world a better place to live in.