Tough Mother Steps in to Defend a New Foster Mom at Walmart

It is always important to never judge a person according to just what you see or what you think he or she is and isn’t, especially a foster mother. She also has her own story to tell.

Lindsay Rae, a mother of two and foster mother of six, taught one couple a lesson that they will surely be taking with them. As Rae was patiently waiting for her turn to pay for her groceries, she noticed the woman in front of her was trying to calm the five children who were with her. Rae also saw that the children were of different races – Hispanic and Caucasian. She was able to find out thanks to the couple who was right behind her.

The couple was apparently making fun of the new foster mother, saying that she cannot even buy decent clothes for the children and that she probably had numerous “baby daddies.” Add that to their endless rants about how the woman takes advantage of their hard-earned tax money. All of these Rae heard loud and clear as she tried to calm her toddler down.

As Rae looked at the distressed foster mother, she saw how she struggled with using the special cards for her purchases. She was buying some shoes, socks, warm jackets, and underwear. As she was giving some of her Altoids to her toddler, she looked back at the couple with a look of disbelief. The new foster mom was struggling with the food stamp card, revealing that she had little knowledge of what buttons should be pressed.

Rae was on the verge of breaking down, especially when she heard the couple talking about their tax money once again. She decided to step forward to help the new foster mom. She offered to help and asked the woman if the kids are adopted or fostered. To break the awkwardness, she told the woman that she also has nine kids and two of them are hers. She timidly smiled, feeling embarrassed.

She told Rae that she is a new foster mother and that it was her first time to use the cards. It was just three days ago when the kids arrived. They will be staying with her for probably a long time and so she needed to buy clothes for the kids.

Rae finally showed the woman how to use the cards and how she doesn’t need to separate all her purchases since they will be automatically separated in the computer during check out. She also taught her about how she can pay the remaining balance in case the card runs out.

Finally, the payments were all made. The woman handed the jackets to the children as she loaded her cart. When she was about to leave, Rae gave the woman a meaningful side hug and told her that she totally got everything in control.

After making sure that the woman and her children were out of sight, Rae turned her attention to the couple who was making snide comments about the foster mother. With tears building up in her eyes, she burst out and told the elegantly dressed couple about how the children lost their parents days ago and that the clothes the children were wearing were the only thing they were able to bring with them.

She further told the couple about how the woman freely opened her home to those children who needed a warm and nonviolent place because their house may not be safe enough for them, and those foods were from the health and welfare as a way of helping the foster mother who already had two kids of her own.

She turned around and started to slam her groceries before facing the couple again and saying that even if the woman had a dozen of “baby daddies,” those children do not deserve to be left cold and hungry. She closed her case by notifying the couple about how poor and disappointing their behavior was.

The couple silently left the line and transferred to another aisle. Rae rewarded herself with a bag of peanut butter M&Ms, and as she was about to check out, one lady winked at her and gave her a smile. She told Rae about how she rocked her speech on stepping up for the other woman.

Upon reaching her car, she buckled up her baby, loaded her groceries, and cried hard while opening the M&Ms.

It is not every day that we see these random women who are very willing to step up for other women. Add that to the thought that they do not even know each other or they may not even see each other ever again. Regardless of that, these two women will surely be in each other’s hearts.

To all the foster moms who decided to open their homes for children, always remember that you are special and adored by so many.

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