They Witnessed A Young Couple Praying Before Their Meal, But Were Stunned When They Did This

What do you value in your life? God, your country, your spouse? Why not all. This couple spotted a newlywed husband and wife in a restaurant recently and posted this online. It’s moving, and worth taking a minute of your day to read.

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My husband and I were having our late lunch at McAlister’s Deli when I noticed a guy seated on our opposite side of the table waiting for his food. What caught my attention was the words written in his tattoo on his left arm. It says, “Together we serve” with a cross sign before it. I told my husband to discretely look at his tattoo, and see how beautiful its meaning is. I told my husband, it can have double meanings. The word “we” may mean as we, as a whole serving God, or “we” can also mean him, together with his other half; it can be his girlfriend or his wife. That I am not so sure of.. To my delight, I discretely took a photo of the guy and showed his tattoo to my husband.😁 After a couple of minutes, a lady sat in front of him and I whispered to my husband : ‘hey hon, they both have the same tattoo on their left arms!’❤ I thought, it was like the sweetest thing ever that I saw from a couple, having that same kind of tattoo written on their arms! I was thinking, ‪#‎RelationshipGoals‬! 😍❤But my heart melted more when they started holding each other’s hands as they pray before eating! I was blown away! Not only by seeing how sweet they were but by just simply being bold enough in professing their faith in public. And for me, that is really what a relationship goal must be!☺
As we were enjoying our meal, my eyes were still glued at this couple near our table. So I told my husband, that as soon as we finished eating, I would love to come to the couple and approach them. Just to say that we were blessed and inspired by just looking at them, their tattoo, and their faith and love for God. And I did! I excused myself and introduced myself and my husband to them, and just told them how happy and inspired we are looking at them.. And we found out that they just got married a couple of months ago and that they are actually working for the United States Army! In my heart, not only that they want to serve the country together, they also want to serve God together, and that is what their tattoo really means. And that is the best ‪#‎RelationshipGoal‬ ever!😍

The couple was overwhelmed as they did not realize the impact of what their tattoos and their actions of faith depicted towards us. They even asked us if they could pray for us!🙏❤ For the first time in our entire lives, never did we experience strangers praying for us! Inside that cafe, all four of us held each other’s hands, bowed our heads down, as this beautiful couple from the US army prayed for me and my husband! They prayed that we may always be blessed, and that we may continue to be a blessing to everyone else, and may our love for God prosper and grow just as how God’s love and grace overflows in our lives. How amazing that moment is!❤❤❤ And just like the line of the song we’ve heard from the church this morning, it says ‘Your love never fails, never gives up, never runs out of me..’ That is exactly how we feel right after that encounter with the lovely couple from the army.❤ May God always bless and protect them, and may their lives always be a blessing too as they serve God and their country together

Submitted by Michelle Torino-Barcelos

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