He Thought She Looked Ridiculous But Was Shocked When She Said This

Have you ever jumped to conclusions, only to find out the reality was much different than you assumed? One Reddit user described a similar situation while waiting in line for food. Read his
post below.

I was ordering my lunch, my favorite roast beef sandwich with cheese onions and bbq sauce. And there was this teenage girl in front of me, probably about 17 or 18. With pounds of makeup on her face, spray on tan, and a crazy outfit, I couldn’t help but think she was trashy and probably pretty stupid.

The old couple in front of her, probably in their late 70’s made their order which came out to be about 16 dollars. The old gentlemen panicked and said to his wife “Honey I’m so sorry but i forgot my wallet at home.” She didn’t seem very upset by it but I can tell he felt bad about it.

Before turning around and leaving to drive all the way back home to get the money for the order, the “Dumb and gross” girl in front of me pulled out a $20 bill and said “this one is on me, enjoy!” with a huge smile on their face the old woman hugged her and thanked her as if she had just saved the woman’s life. Small good deeds can go a very very long way. Well I paid for her lunch because of the nice thing she did for the old couple, we sat and had lunch together and it turns out she is an extremely nice girl with a great family and a very happy heart.

Her name is Michelle and she’s a good friend of mine now. I’ll never judge anyone on the way they’re dressed again.

We can all learn from this. Pass it on.