Alleged Poacher Killed by a Pride of Lions in South Africa

Allegedly, a man was poaching lions in South Africa when a pride of lions killed him and ate his body, leaving just a few of his remains as well as his head behind. The man has not yet been identified since officials are having a hard time with this since very little of him was left behind by the lions. Investigators suspect the man was a poacher because of the rifle and ammunition that was sitting beside his remains.

Although the man was heard screaming at the Ingwelala Private Nature Reserve in HoedSpruit, which is right outside of Phalaborwa. However, by the time rescuers reached the man, he had already been eaten by the pride of lions, and only a few remains and his head were left behind by them.


According to reports, poaching in South Africa has increased significantly within recent years. Because of poaching increasing within the past few years, the lion population has dropped by 42 percent leaving about only 20,000 lions left in Africa.


Although the lion population has dropped, this doesn't stop them from killing people all over Africa. About 250 people per year are killed by lions all throughout the continent.


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