Harley-Davidson also doubling up as a limousine! Unbelievable!

The one thing everybody wants in their life is Harley-Davidson bike. If a genie walked in front of you and grant you one wish for a motorcycle, Harley-Davidson would almost always be your first choice. So, you might go for the sporty V-rod by, or you could even go for the luxurious models like a Soft tail. Whatever be the chance, riding the luxurious Harley-Davidson is something that most people would like. The only problem with such bikes is that there is only one or two people that would be able to ride the bike.

So, what can you do in order to enjoy the feeling of the premium motorcycle on an open road, but you need a group of friends with you? Well, in that case, you could go for the Harley-Davidson limousine. Yes, it is a thing, and a real one at that.

However, it is not like a Cadillac, but rather something unique.

This product exists, and happens to be part limousine and part Harley-Davidson, and happens to be 100% eye-catching product. This was a combination of the 2012 Harley-Davidson located in the front as well as an eight person carriage located in the back. The limousine features everything that you can expect from a luxury ride like a television, electric tinted windows, as well is vertical opening doors and a tumble of seats located in the back region.