Young Girl Gets Long Beautiful Hair Cut off By Her Father All Because of What Her Mother Did for Her Birthday

Everyone loves their hair, especially women and young girls. Many guys spend some time on their hair as well but not nearly as much as women do. Women and young girls spend a lot of time making their hair as beautiful as they can. This is because our hair is one of our most distinguishing features.

When one young girl turned 13, she wanted something different for her birthday. She wanted something different done with her hair since she was a teenager now. So, her mother decided to get her highlights in her already beautiful hair. The girl was ecstatic and mom was too because her daughter was happy!

Pictures were taken of the young girl before and after the highlights and posted on Facebook. Little did she know that the pictures would be the only thing she would be able to look at to remember her long, beautiful, highlighted, hair. She went to see her dad and her stepmother and this is when she would be traumatized for the rest of her life because of their actions.

After she went to visit her dad and stepmother, they saw her hair and were really mad about it. Because they were so mad, her dad cut all of her hair off. Pictures of after her hair was cut off were also posted on Facebook. Her mother posted the before and after pictures along with how upset both mom and daughter were about the terrible actions of her father. The teenager is seen covering her face in the picture because of how embarrassed she is. Her dad said he did this to punish her and to teach her a lesson because of the highlights.
These posts of the girls hair before and after it was cut off went viral on social media. Because of the dad and stepmother's awful action against their daughter, social services are now investigating them.

How terrible it is for this dad to do this to this beautiful young girls hair! What do you think about this? Sound off with your opinion on this and let everyone know what you think about this awful action by her dad and stepmother!

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