A heartbroken dog visits the grave of his best friend daily

Cesur, a dog recently lost somebody that was extremely close to him. However, his loyalty did not fade, even when he was in the wake of his best friend.

After years of illness, 79-year-old Mehmet Ilhan lost his battle to lifelong paralysis near his hometown in Bursa, Turkey. Cesur had been his faithful companion all throughout this time, and so, for him, the passing away was extremely heartbreaking. It was during the last days of paralysis that Cesur stopped eating when he found out that his owner is not going to recover from his illness.

However, what happened next was not something expected!

After the body of Mehmet arrived in his house, the dog remained close by, refusing to move from that location. When the procession came to carry the coffin to the local mosque for the funeral ceremony, the dog led the way. It was during the ceremony that the people so Cesur hanging his head down, sad, which is what remained as for the rest of the ceremony. Nobody had the braveness to go and disturb him from his master’s grave.

So, now even after his death, Cesur visits his master in his burial site, and sits by his old friend. Ali, Mehmet’s son has been noticing that Cesur would simply go out of the door when he left for his work, and nobody knew where he went.

However, when they followed, they found him near his master’s grave. The people working in the cemetery say that the dog arrives first thing in the morning to sit beside the grave of his father.

Although, it is unclear as to how long will this daily pilgrimage continue, but it is still a striking way for a dog to show loyalty beyond what is expected.

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