Woman was denied emotional support peacock on the United flight

United airlines have come on the news again, and this time, it was to shoot down a request by a traveler to bring her emotional support peacock with her on a flight which was departing from the Newark Liberty International airport. According to a news report from live and let fly, it had been reported that an unidentified woman had claimed that she had a second ticket for her emotional support peacock, but united airlines reportedly declined her request.

According to a spokesperson for the airlines, it has been communicated to her that she would not be able to bring the peacock as it did not meet the guidelines of having support animals which included the weight and the size of the animal in question. There were a lot of photos of this unusual scenario which was shared in Facebook and various other social media website.

A lot of other competitive airlines have expressed their anguish at not taking such a majestic creature in their flight, most of them preferring the peacock over the support dogs during the holiday season. This particular news comes in the backdrop of Delta airlines providing a crackdown on giving tickets to emotional support as well as service animals. This has led to a widespread abuse of the flying policy, and has also led to a lot of illicit and ill-tempered animal behavior such as urinating, biting and defecating on the airlines.

According to the new regulations, from 1 March, Delta airlines would require a veterinarian health form along with the immunization record for any service animals that would want to travel with its own in their flight. Moreover, they would not let any other exotic emotional animals such as Ferrets, insects and other animals to fly with the passenger.

In the backdrop of this even, United airlines has mentioned that they are looking into their support animals policies in order to ensure that they can provide the best service to the on-board customers as well as those that have proper documentation and would want to travel with disabilities through this airline.