Man Stunned When A Stranger Approached Him And Did This At The Cemetery

One man was paying his respects to fallen military relatives when a young boy showed up and approached him with an unexpected request. The man shared the story in a Facebook post which has since gone viral.

Read his post below.

Ronny Duwe

Angela and I went to Round Grove, Old Hall, and Little Elm cemeteries today to place flags and honor relatives who served this country.

At Little Elm, a boy and his mother drove up and asked if we were there to honor relatives and if so, would we mind if the boy, Jarod, was his name, played Taps on his trumpet.

As we placed flags on the graves of my two uncles who served in WW2, he played Taps and we were moved to tears. What a nice young man who just happened to arrive as we were remembering family members.

An amazing end to our Memorial Day.

With all the bad news circulating these days, this young man deserves a pat on the back for going above and beyond what was expected of him by paying such respect to our veterans.

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