You Have to hear This 17 Month Old Girl sing “Amazing Grace” to her dad

You always hear people say that children are our future. The little woman who stars in this video gives us reason for optimism. Maya is a cute, correction, downright adorable 17 month-old and she can show off some awesome talents for such a kid.

In the movie posted below, Maya begins by singing the traditional hymn “Amazing Grace.” Getting the harmony right is a demanding enough task, but the really amazing thing is that she does not even miss a word! As if knowing all of the words wasn't enough of an accomplishment for someone who isn't a year-and-a-half old, she then proceeds to belt out the alphabet song followed by her inimitable rendition of “You Are My Sunshine.” The best part is how much fun she is obviously having, swaying and using her arms to express herself.

Maya's brilliance isn't just musical. At an age when most kids have only just started to speak their first language, she has already moved on to a second language, Spanish. Dora The Explorer assisted her out there. Mastering linguistics isn't enough for Maya. She's also working on mathematics! Yes, math. Bear in mind, she is only 17 months old! To put it mildly, this is not bad for a beginner! Among the more endearing facets of Maya's performance is the way this amazing toddler is not in the least bit embarrassed to reveal her remarkable talents, musical, linguistic, and mathematical.

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