By smelling the farts of your partner you can live longer!

When we think about wonderful smells, there can be different answers. But it goes without saying that no one will tell that they like the smell of farts! The odor is more than enough to send the loved ones packing from the room in disgust. However, if you are married, it is now time to get rid of pinching your nose and instead take in the smell of the pungent odor. Researchers have said that smelling farts of your partner can lead to health benefits!


A study conducted by the University of Exeter says that the researchers have researched the smell of their partners and have found it to be beneficial in small quantities. If you were however to receive a full blast of the Hydrogen Sulphide gas, it might lead to respiratory and the damage will also be done to the nervous system. There is a lot of hydrogen sulphide gas in the average fart, but it won’t kill you, only the smell is disgusting.

The medical chemistry communications journal has also confirmed that according to the results of a recent gas study, large levels of the gas can be deadly but in small doses, the mitochondrial damage can get prevented.

A leader in the research for the gas study has explained that the gassy part of the hydrogen sulphide has provided a stinky smell which comes from the rotten eggs and farts; however, it can also have a lot of potential health benefits. It could also be knows as a healthcare product!

So what is it about hydrogen sulphide that is so great? Although researchers are still searching for the full impact, it has been found that this gas can get rid of stokes, cancer and even slow down arthritis and dementia.

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