Ellen disclose her grief to her fan, told them about the signs that she got later

Ellen Degeneres was counted among one of the most gifted artists. She holds the capability to enlighten our day with her smile. Ellen Degeneres always bears a smiling face. Some may feel that with such a smiling face, she must be the happiest person on the Earth. However, it is not so, as it appeared. She was struggling hard from inside for a couple of weeks. Only do her close relatives and friends were been only aware of so. They know that Ellen Degeneres was going through heartbreak. Thus, one day she decides to come out with her sorrow and stand in front of her audiences. It is such a situation that all of us are bound to heel one day or on the other day.

However, the times are hard when we lose our near and dear ones. But for celebrities, they have to get in their character no matter what is happening in their life. Ellen Degeneres also maintain a smiling face in her show. But last week, he can’t hold her feelings and disclosed that her father, 92-year-old, had passed away. Her fans could understand her situation very well. Though she was going through a hard time but she didn’t lose her spark from within. She wanted her fan to know about the brighter side of the saddest situation.

In her show, she pays tribute to Elliot and also shared the signs that she received in the Warner Bros. Studios. However, in no way she had made any mistakes, she clearly talks about the signs that she received. It was like the Angels were giving her signs. It was not the sign that the guardian angels are with her but a definite sign that told her that her father was by her side in all situations. Check out the video as she talks about her father and the signs that she received after his death.