Little Boy Braves the Freezing Cold Temperatures, You Won’t Believe What He Looks Like When He Gets There!

A little eight-year-old boy in China by the name of Wang Fuman lives in Xinjie Province where the temperatures are freezing cold. That doesn't matter to little Wang though as he is disciplined and determined to make it to school every day. He was so determined to make an exam he needed to take at his school, he braved the cold temperatures and walked anyway.

That isn't what is so shocking about this story, however. What the shocking part is what the little boy looked like when he finally got to school after walking for hours to get there. The temperatures are so low in this part of China, that by the time little Wang got to school, his head was frozen. His little cheeks were red from the cold and his hands were frozen. However, he was determined to take the exam and he still took it with frozen head, hands, and all.

Check out the picture below to see what has everyone so shocked. This picture has gone viral and has taken the Internet by storm. No-one can actually believe this but it is true.