Travelling to the coldest place on earth -71.2C, photographer captures his memories

If you are struggling with the notion that winter is upon your city, have a look at the pictures from Oymyakon, in Russia, the coldest place on the face of this earth. Having a temperature of about -71.2°C which was located way back in 1924, the average temperature in the month of January is about -50°C. This is also a place where there are permanent inhabitants in its village. Photographer by the name of Amos Chapple from New Zealand travel on a two-day journey from Yakutsk, in order to capture what seems to be the everyday life in that part of the world.

The photographer remembers wearing thin trousers when stepping out in about -47°C, only to feel a physical grip in his legs, and even his saliva would freeze into needles that would end up breaking his lips. Although it was one of the hardest challenges, but his camera brings out the true life that people lead in that place.