This ring can let you feel your partner’s heartbeat anywhere in the world in real time

With the tremendous advancement in technology, we have come across unprecedented methods of communicating with each other. Yet, there is nothing better than to just sit next to each other with the person that you love.

For a person that is into long-distance relationships, one realizes that it is the hardest thing that they have ever done in their life.

This is why this ring is so special.

A company by the name of TheTouch has made the patented ‘HB’ rings, which allow you to feel the heartbeat of your partner in real time, regardless of where you are in the world. This is a simple comfort that can put your mind at ease.

There are various benefits from having a physical contact through this method daily.

It enables you to remain in connection with each other, however long the distance, and when there isn’t any other option.

It is also extremely easy to use. They can be found in both stainless steel as well as gold variants, and comes with a unibody sapphire crystal surface, which means that you would not be able to make a scratch on them. These are made with the utmost of care and come with the highest quality materials in it.