A Chinese family walks up to the other for six months, and here are some before and after pictures

One of the hardest things that can take a toll on your mental and physical health is to lose the weight. In order to make this easier, Jesse, a Chinese photographer took on a difficult task to dedicate his time in getting rid of weight along with his family. They have supported each other during the six months transformation, and their before and after pictures look unbelievable.

It all started when Jesse’s mom had made up her mind to moving temporarily with her son and his then pregnant wife in order to help with the primary stages of motherhood. Making use of this opportunity, Jesse also invited his father who ran a bamboo factory so that they can strengthen the bond between the members of the family.

Although the soon-to-be grandfather brought in his alcoholism and a beer belly with him, Jesse Thorn then going for a weight loss program will be able to reinvigorate his life. Slowly, the started working on a gradual plan of losing weight, which started with jogging, and little by little, more exercises were added to the exercise regimen. As a result, they started tracking the results of their body every 10 days.

Initially, this exercise was planned from about 10 March to 30 September, but is slowly transformed into a new way of life for them. They have vowed to stick with the fitness regimen, and Jesse says that the amazing transformation of his father has been that he turned into a confident man.