She Was Mad When A Cop Pulled Her Over For ‘No Reason’ Until He Said This…

A woman recently posted this story online, describing an encounter with a reckless driver and a police officer who witnessed the incident. In it, she explained that she was dangerously cut off by a motorist, then to her surprise, was pulled over by an officer. But what the officer said to her next was even more surprising. Read it below.

Mary P.

About three weeks ago I was getting ready to make a left turn at a light. I didn’t have the arrow so I was awaiting passing vehicles. I finally found my go time and while I was turning, out of nowhere this truck behind me squealed around me and passed me in a one turn lane in the middle of a crowded intersection and almost hit me so I swerved a bit and almost hit someone else. I straightened myself out and turned on the road watching the guy who just cut me off mid turn speed up in his truck.

Next thing I know I’m being pulled over and I see another cop car pass me and pull him over. I’m sitting there pissed off wondering what I did wrong and end up waiting there for a good ten minutes before the officer finally got out and walked over.

He politely asked how I was and I told him nervous because I didn’t know what I was being pulled over for. He said “well, we saw what happened back their and just wanted to make things right. Are you okay?”. I said yes and he told me to hang on a sec and started talking on his radio. As he’s doing this the other officer and the boy who cut me off were walking up to my car. The officer who pulled him over said ” before I write your ticket, I think you owe this young lady an apology.”

He apologized and went back to his truck. The other officer told me to have a nice day and watch out for idiots on the road.

A ticket for reckless driving can run a few hundred bucks. But teaching a rude driver a lesson? Simply priceless.

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