Woman Blows Bubble On Pile Of Snow, But Watch As Freezing Air Transform It In Seconds

Do you remember those fun bottles of blow bubbles that came with a lightweight plastic wand? If you were lucky, you ‘d get a rare ginormous bubble that wafted a few feet into the air before it liquified into nothingness.

Well, Gloria Allwin remembers those happy days and she proves that you're never ever too old to tap into your inner child. She taped this video of a perfectly round soap bubble that she developed, which was carefully placed onto a mound of snow.

Then she sat back and enjoyed a fantastic transformation take place. Thankfully she recorded it for all of us to take pleasure in, too.

At first, the fragile bubble wobbles to and fro, and it looks like it's going to blow away in the wind. That's when you realize this poor little baby bubble may not endure the severe winter season air. Awww!


With a bit of shame, you'll probably find yourself rooting for this unlikely soap bubble underdog. Even Gloria pleads with it and whispers, “Don't pop!”

Yes, please don't pop little bubble buddy, because we want to see what takes place to you, too! The air was freezing, but instead of safeguarding it from the elements, Gloria let nature take its course.

You know those documentaries about the glacial epoch where you see an animated visual of ice gradually covering the continents? That's what this appears like. It definitely offers brand-new significance to snow globes!

On her YouTube channel, Gloria stated, “Five degrees, little breeze and sunshine – a bubble can freeze in 1:27 minutes. Montana Enjoyable!” This is more than simply amazing enjoyable, it's absolutely sensational to see the bubble go from a liquid to a solid.

Enjoy the video listed below to see this bubble grow more powerful and more powerful by the minute. Wow, I want to attempt this!