Prince Harry recognizes the 97-year of fan Daphne Dunne and greeted her with hugs and kisses

In order to fulfill all his royal duties, Prince Harry requires meeting with a number of new faces every year and also at various events of his charitable organizations. But it is just impossible for anyone to remember all the new faces which he meets every year. Recently, he visited Sydney for the Invictus Games promotional works and a familiar face of his fan just caught his sights. While Prince Harry was shaking hands with his other fans, he suddenly noticed in the crowd, Daphne Dunne. Daphne is 97-year old widow of an Australian soldier. She was just waiting outside to meet her adored Prince Harry in such a heavy rain.

Daphne first met him when Prince Harry was working with the Australian Defense Force and he stopped at the Opera House at Sydney. Prince Harry noticed her at that time, two years ago as she was wearing a number of military medals and also the Victoria Cross. In the Australian Women’s Army, Daphne worked as a veteran and the rare Victoria Cross she was wearing is her first’s husband. His husband died during the time of World War II when he was just 24-year old and he after his death received the posthumous award of the Victoria Cross.

Daphne was very much delighted as the Prince recognized her and hugged her out of love and passion. She further said that he had also kissed her on the other side. Prince Harry spends more than 20 minutes on rain to show gratitude towards his fans.

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