Paralyzed bride decides to walk down the aisle; her act runs chills through the spine


A wedding is the most important day in two person’s life. This is the special moment when they agree to tie a knot with each other making several promises to comfort and love each other for the rest of life. Thus, this day is certainly is special for the bride and the groom. But things were not like usual for one bride. For her walking through the aisle was itself a big challenge. But the bride never gives up. She did wish to make her wedding day special. And thus decided to take things into her own hands. She took the help of the physical therapies and thus her strong will-power made her wish comes true. The guests present over there might have also not guessed to see her recovering so early.

The name of the bride is Jennifer Darmon who unfortunately faced with an accident that made her stuck in the van and fighting for survival. However, after being rescued from the van, Jennifer was taken to the hospital where doctors concluded that she had a major injury in the spinal cord and portion beneath her waist is paralyzed. When the news came to Jennifer, no one did expect her to react with such strength. She did get ready for the diagnosis with the wish to walk down the aisle. She went through many physical therapies which were really exhausting. However, she also asked Mike Belawetz, her future husband, to leave if he can’t think of it. But Mike was there in each and every single step that she took. Finally, the day came when the bride has to walk towards her lover through the aisle. Take a look at the heartwarming video to know how the bride managed every step of hers.