Dogs have their snack when a bird entered; what happened next surprised all

It is really rare to spot different species having their dinner together. Though in some cases dogs can have their dinner with the cats but with a bird –it’s just impossible. One is the predator and the other is the prey but this video is really going to amaze you. It was the dinner time for the family that includes dogs and birds too. However, as the two Daschounds line up for their snack, a little furry creature seemed to appear from behind. It was the furry member of the family- the bird. It was dinner time for him too. However, it is really surprising to see such a close encounter of the bird with the two dogs. As per VetStreet, dogs are those categories of animals with severe prey drive and having a bird so close, can cause accident anytime. But credit goes to the family.

The dogs and the bird find it very normal to have their dinner together. Credit goes to the family, who introduced the bird with the dogs in the right way. However, VetStreet says that it is better to go slow with time and get the two species acquainted with each other. The bowl of the bird was placed right in the middle of the dogs. The yellow-feathered bird entered the screen when the pups had already started their lunch and he too starts with them. However, the bird knows that the dogs will not harm him and thus feels comfortable sharing the screen together. Watch the video to see the special bonding between the two species.