Dog get stuck in the snow when other dog stunned all by his action


This is certainly the case where the animals’ behavior makes the humans stunned. It is not that hard to know that which animals are friends and which are enemies to each other. However, dogs are loyal to the humans but they do also show their emotion towards the other dog members too. Now it becomes clearer as a dog stuck himself in the snow and another big one moved towards it. These dogs know it very well that there was a human present to supervise the whole incident but who cares. They make no hesitation in showing up their true feeling to each other.

It was like any other chilly day with piles of snow when a man decides to go for a walk with his dogs – Knuckles and Kanawha. Though he took the safest path but Knuckles somehow out of curiosity went in search of adventure in the dumpster. He did wish to see contains the dumpster but resulted in getting stuck in the heap of the snow. He made some hasty movements to get rid of the situation but was of no use. On the other hand, Kanawha was more sensible and could know it very well that Knuckles needs help to get out of the heap. Thought the man could have saved his dog from this situation but he did decide to be a spectator. Finding no other way out, Kanawha is now stepped in for the rescue. Though his initial moves showed that he wanted to take the Knuckles out but later on the man got surprised after discovering what Kanawha actually desired to do. He first jumped over the snow to make his intention clear. However, his future activities made it very clear. The man got really surprised by seeing the golden heart of his dog. Watch this amazing video to know what action did Kanawha took that stunned all.