Christina’s performance in the “Wheel of Musical Impressions” makes everyone mesmerised

Jimmy Fallon, the well-known comedian, involves his celebrity guests in the “Wheel of Musical Impressions”. It is being a part of The Tonight Show. However, the hilarious game show is featured with a lot of fun. In this game, any song title is being coupled up with any random singer. Hence guest at the show had to make the artist’s impression singing the song. Now Jimmy does also go with them well. It involves lots of fun to see who is better- Jimmy or his guest. Obviously, the combination of the song with the artist, the wheel comes up with is pretty odd. There are many well-known artists who have successfully tried their voices on this wheel.

However, Christina Aguilera is not an exception. The artist was simply great with her voice. Here also she managed to steal the limelight. The wheel rolled, the first was Cher. Even to the surprise the song that has been provided to her was not a real one. But many do recognize the song especially when Christina was in charge. The curly wig in black of Cher was missing in such a situation. Next on the list was to create Britney Spears’ impression in the song “This Little Piggy.” Christina was just great within this game. It seemed like Britney and Christina go back to the old days in the Mickey Mouse Club of Disney but then also they were not best friends too. Christina was just mesmerizing in the game. Watch the video to know how she manages to win over the game.