Blind soldiers shows his gratefulness towards the little girl for raising funds for helping them

Children have a sense of much more responsibility than any other adult persons as they have the ability to show their respects for soldiers and it is the duty of parents to guide their children for every good work. In this link below, which you are lucky to watch has the conversation between a blind former soldier, who has lost his sights on a war at Iraq and a 5 and half-year old girl who have taken the initiatives to raise funds for soldiers. The conversations between them are really heart- touching as it is a rare case to watch a little girl taking up challenges to raise funds for soldiers. Therefore, along with this video, “Help For Heroes Project” goes viral.

In this video, we can find how a 5 and half-year old girl named Temperance Pattinson in order to raise funds for the wounded soldiers taken up the challenges to compete in a triathlon at Britain, her home country. She was conversing with Simon Brown, who is a 38-year old soldier and he worked for 13 years in the army and while working at the Iraq war he lost his sights. After Simon came to know about the little girl’s fundraising initiatives, he wanted to show respect and love for her.
Simon said to Temperance while conversing with her that soldiers are very much proud of her and they are delighted with her contribution she is rendering to them. The little girl responded that she like taken up challenges just like soldiers does and she is also proud of soldiers. Both of them had lovely conversations with each other.

You must watch this video to encounter such a lovely conversations between the two of them and do share this video to show support for the initiative taken up by such a young girl.