Cat gets frustrated as owner places an illusion sheet in front.

No matter whether you have a dog or a cat as a pet, they will always act loyal to you. Especially, talking about the curious four-legged cats, they are best known for their investigative nature. They are intelligent as well as cautious and also an animal which can be trusted fully. Once the cute animal gets comfortable with its surroundings, it always searches for your lap to rest. This furry animal, by reaching his comfort zone, closes its eyes and curdles up. From its act, it becomes very clear that this investigative-natured animal feels safe at that particular place. In most of the times they act to be calm and quiet but as soon as they find the hint of danger, they can get violent. This reveals the wildest side of the peaceful animal.

Earlier videos came up where cats are seen jumping, chasing, pouncing and flipping. These videos resulted in the audiences to burst out of laughter. However, this time the scenario is something different. The owner of the cat plans to play with his cats and thus in front of the quiet cat places a paper sheet. He put on the camera that recorded the whole act of the cat. An optical illusion was drawn on the paper sheet. At first, the cats sit quietly staring straight towards the optical illusion. As the illusion starts to act in his head, the cat starts to paw the paper. He tries to lightly hold the moving pattern. It appeared as if the paper sheet made the kitty confused. In trying to solve the mystery, it appears that the four-legged animal gets frustrated. He even tries to look under the sheet but on finding nothing he seemed to be more confused. See this video and have fun to know what the cutie did next.